What is the entrance fee?
Is there overnight accommodation available on-site?
Will refreshments be available?
Will there be a changing room or lockable spaces available?
What is the expected attendance?
Is there internet access? Wi-fi or wired?
Who are you, and why are you organizing this?
Where can I find food and drinks in the vicinity?
Who is Game Jam intended for?
Can I participate as an individual?
What makes up a proper game development team?
How large should a competitive team be for Game Jam?
What happens to my game after the competition?
Under what license are games developed for Game Jam? Can I choose a different license?
What is the prize for the winner?
Can I develop a game on any topic, or is it predetermined?
Should I bring my own computer ? (PC or Notebook)
When and where is the event taking place?
On which platforms can I develop? Are there any recommended platforms?
What development tools can I use? Are there any recommended tools?
Can I participate in Game Jam with a game that’s already in progress?

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